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Potential Tourism Objects In Muara Kaman District

Potential Tourism
Objects in Muara Kaman District

Muara Siran Village is one of the villages that have tourism
potential in Muara Kaman District, Kutai Kartanegara Regency. Although the
location of the village is in remote area, the tourism potential is very
promising, especially peatland tourism.


Even the website of the Provincial Government of East
Kalimantan,, once wrote that the peatlands owned by Muara
Siran Village are very useful for reducing emissions or reducing the greenhouse
effect. The author Ahmad Wijaya on the website said that the peatlands in Muara
Siran Village were not ideal for palm oil.


 The function of peatlands in addition to reducing
emissions and the greenhouse effect is an ideal place for fish growth which is
the main livelihood of the majority of villagers as fishermen. Based on this
reality, Muara Kaman Surya Agus Sub-District Head invites the residents of
Muara Siran Village to become aware of tourism by preserving nature in their
villages, especially in maintaining peatlands to stay awake. Surya Agus said
the villagers and all stakeholders were responsible for the preservation of the


 In this case the Department of Tourism in Kutai
Kartanegara District has also conducted a socialization on tourism awareness
and the formation of a tourism awareness group (Pokdarwis) in Muara Siran
Village through a CSR program. to the people of Muara Siran Village. Thus the
community is expected to begin to organize and beautify the village so that
tourists are interested in visiting so that it has a positive impact on the
community's economy.

 Muara Kaman is also famous for being the site of the
first and the oldest Hindu kingdom in Indonesia. There are several historical
relics, one of which is Batu Lesong. And don't forget to visit the museum to
see 7 pieces of yupa inscription, and some archeological remains from
exploration results from related institutes.

Tourism Dialogue At Kota Bangun And Muara Wis District

Tourism Dialogue about  Kutai Kartanegara continues also in Kota Bangun District and Muara Wis District. This time the Department of Tourism visited SMA Negeri 1 Kota Bangun and SMA Negeri 1 Muara Wis.


 Present at the tourism dialogu from Tourism Officers as the speakers, Drs Triyatma and Mr. Gunawan explained various aspects of tourism to the students who attended the dialogue. Dialogue is more exciting when entering the question and answer session between students to the speakers.


 Tourism Dialogue is really needed, especially for students, especially this time in Kota Bangun District and Muara Uwis, so that they know that Kutai Kartanegara tourism is vast, each sub-district sub-district has each interesting tourist destination, be it natural, cultural or man-made so that these students know the potential of Kutai Kartanegara in the aspects of tourism especially those in the sub-districts.


Enjoying Beseprah At Danau Uwis Festival 2019

The pleasure of Belempas / Beseprah on Jalan Jembatan Utama
in Muara Wis Village is approximately 250 meters long, which is participated by
12 RTs, Schools, Communities and Invitations.


Beseprah is a tradition of the indigenous tribe of Kutai, a
native of Kutai Kartanegara Regency, East Kalimantan (East Kalimantan). In
Kutai, Beseprah means eating together by sitting cross-legged on a mat. the
entire community sat cross-legged facing each other to enjoy a variety of
traditional dishes, especially the typical Kutai food served, such as bongko,
sarabai, putu ayu, fried cassava, ring cake, tuber, bingka, yellow rice and
uduk rice, and others.


  In the implementation of beseprah, also attended
by the government of Kutai Kartanegara Regency, the Head of the Tourism Office,
Dra Sri Wahyuni ​​MPP Besreta, his staff took part in the festive festivity in
the Danau Uwis Festival.


Beseprah became one of the events in the series of Danau
Uwis Festival activities in Muara Wis District. The festival runs from 2 August
to end 3 August 2019

Religious Tourism In Kutai Lama

Kutai Lama located in Anggana Subdistrict of Kutai Kartanegara Regency, this district is an area that indeed has a lot of histories so that many people or tourists especially who come want to see the Kutai civilization to make pilgrimages to the tombs of Islamic propagators in the land of Kutai.


 Kutai Lama Village Kutai Kartanegara Regency East Kalimantan is one of the historic areas which has become one of the religious tourism objects for a number of residents both from East Kalimantan and outside Kalimantan. This village is still not known as a tourist area. This region became one of the villages in Anggana Subdistrict, Kukar Regency, under the Kutai Kartanegara Sultanate known as the history of the first Hindu-Buddhist kingdom in Indonesia.


 There are at least three tombs, according to local residents as Kramat's tomb. Namely the tomb of Sultan Aji Mahkota, the tomb of Sultan Aji is violated and the tomb of Habib Tunggang Parangan. The three tombs are located in locations that are not close together. Each has a historical story related to the Kingdom of Kutai.


 The three tombs of the Sultan are often visited by pilgrims who usually go on pilgrimage besides going to Banjar, because the three tombs of the sultan are one of the history of the spread of Islam in the land of Kutai.

Socialization Of Tourism Business Standardization At Kersik Village

The socialization of IKM / KUB Development Facilities in 2019 Regional Tourist Attractions (ODTW) will be carried out in Kersik Village, Marang Kayu District. This activity was attended by the Industry and Trade Office of the Kutai Kartanegara District and from the Kutai Kartanegara  Tourism Office which was attended by Mr. M. Taufik Rahmani. SP. MP.


 Present as a speaker from the Head of Tourism Industry Development, Kutai Kartanegara Tourism Office, M. Taufik Rahmani. SP. MP. He explained several things about the Regulation of the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy of the Republic of Indonesia Number 1 of 2014 Regarding the Implementation of Tourism Business Certification. Tourism Business Standards are the formulation of tourism business qualifications and / or tourism business classifications that cover aspects of tourism business products, services and management.


 The Importance of Tourism Business Certification is the process of granting certificates to tourism businesses to support the improvement of the quality of tourism products, services and management of tourism businesses through audits. Tourism Business Certificate is written evidence given by tourism business certification bodies to tourism businesses that have met tourism business standards. Tourism Business Certification Institution, hereinafter referred to as LSU in Tourism Sector, is an independent institution authorized to carry out business certification in the tourism sector in accordance with statutory provisions.


 He further explained that Sapta Pesona is a description of the concept of Tourism Awareness related to the support and role of the community as a host in an effort to create an environment and conducive atmosphere that is able to encourage the growth and development of the tourism industry through the embodiment of the seven elements in the Sapta Enchantment, namely: safe , orderly, clean, cool, beautiful, friendly, memorable. Recreational Park Business is a business that provides a place and facilities for recreation with various attractions (PermenParEkraf No. 27 of 2014.

Socialization Of IKM / KUB Development Facilities In 2019 Tourist Object Areas (ODTW)

The Department of Tourism of Kutai Kartanegara Regency in the Field of Tourism Industry Development in collaboration with the Department of Industry and Trade carried out a socialization regarding the standardization of the management of tourist attractions. Located in Muara Badak Sub-District, Tanjung Limau Village on July 26, 2019.

 Attended by dozens of business people who were in the village of Tanjung Limau, were present as a resource person from the Tourism Office of Kutai Kartanegara District Head of the Division of Tourism Industry Development Mr. M. Taufik Rahmani. SP. MP, in his presentation he conveyed that there is an inseparable connection between the community HR business practitioners with natural, cultural, man-made destinations, and with foreign and Nusantar tourists.


 When tourists come to tourist attractions in our area, especially those in Muara Badak Subdistrict, tourists will need transportation to the tourist sites, then accommodation, culinary, tourist attractions, and souvenirs that tourists can buy.


 He added that the regulation of law number 10 of 2009 concerning tourism there are several terms related to tourism activities, among others. Understanding tourism is a variety of tourism activities and is supported by various facilities and services provided by the community, entrepreneurs, central and local governments. The understanding of tourist attraction is anything that has a uniqueness, beauty, and value in the form of diversity of natural wealth, culture, and man-made products that are the target or destination of tourist visits.


Tourism business is related to tourist attractions, tourism areas, tourist transportation services, travel services, food and beverage services, accommodation, entertainment and recreation, meetings, incentive travel, conferences and exhibitions, tourism information services, tourism consulting services, tour guide services, Tirta tourism, and spa.

Istana Bunga Jembayan

Istana Bunga Jembayan located in Loa Kulu Kutai Kartanegara Regency is an appropriate tourist reference to fill the weekend of tourists. About 30 minutes journey from Tenggarong District to Bunga Jembayan Palace. Every weekend, Istana Bunga Jembayan is always visited by visitors to fill its weekend.

 This tour is perfect for a family vacation because the cheap tickets are only Rp.15,000 per person with game facilities and also good photo spots which are very in line with ticket prices and the completeness of the facilities offered to visitors.


Besides offering good photo spots and beautiful flowers in the Jembayan Palace Flower area, here also provides a swimming pool that can be directly used by visitors to swim while relaxing themselves in the water.


“This tour object is perfect for a family vacation because the tickets are only Rp.15,000, and the rides that I think are also pretty good with ticket prices that much, there is also a spot for photographs. Just immediately my wife and child went into the swimming pool, one of the favorite rides here. So happy my child to play water. I myself did not go into the pool, I was lazy, I was just a photographer, the most important thing was that my child and my wife were happy, "said one of the visitors of the Bunga Jembayan Palace.


 An exciting vacation for visitors who plan a vacation to Kutai Kartanegara, Istana Bunga Jembayan which offers a variety of playgrounds, and other interesting rides that are friendly to both children and adults.

Participants Of The 2019 Indonesian Arts And Culture Scholarship (IACS) Visit Schools And Islamic Boarding Schools In Kutai Kartanegara

Today the Indonesia Arts and Culture Scholarship Program (IACS) 2019 with the Kutai Kartanegara Tourism Office had the opportunity to visit several high schools, vocational schools and Islamic boarding schools in Tenggarong Seberang, Loa Kulu and Loa Janan Districts. Participants in the Arts and Culture Scholarship Program (BSBI) 2019 participated in a Direct Dialogue on tourism in Kutai Kartanegara. Aside from the Tourism Office of Kutai Kartanegara District, the BSBI participants communicated directly with the students, and the students who were present were also very enthusiastic about welcoming them and listening to them share their experiences while in Kutai Kartanegara.


 Drs. Triyatma and Gunawan who were also present in the mentoring with BSBI participants gave a little explanation before entering the question and answer session between BSBI participants and students. He explained the importance of Sapta Pesona knowledge. Sapta charm has a logo symbolized by the sun that shines as many as seven elements whose meanings are safe, orderly, clean, cool, beautiful, friendly, memorable.


 Furthermore, Pak Gunawan added directly to examples such as Aman with actions that do not disturb tourist comfort, help and protect tourists, show friendliness to tourists, and maintain environmental security. Orderly action can take the form of queuing culture, maintaining the environment with applicable rules, discipline. Clean the form of the action can be by not throwing rubbish in any place, maintaining the cleanliness of tourist destinations, preparing hygienic food and beverage offerings. Cool in the form of carrying out reforestation by planting trees, maintaining greening in objects and tourist attractions. Beautiful can be through the action of arranging shelter regularly, maintaining the character of the locality, maintaining the beauty of ornamental plant vegetation. Friendly with the act of acting as a good host, ready to help tourists by giving information about customs in a polite manner. And finally Memories can be through action by exploring and promoting the uniqueness of local culture, serving clean, healthy and interesting local specialties and drinks.


 Art and Culture Scholarship Student (BSBI), Ricardus William Djee Wau from Indonesia, Nguyen Tai Loc from Vietnam, Son Rina from Cambodia, Raymart Dinoy Degamodari of the Philippines, Fatma Yusifova from Azerbaijan, Era Chakma from Bangladesh, Ines Laila Hildegard Mathilde Konelia Heimes from Germany , Ana Dobricic from Serbia, Luisa Fernanda Montoya Forero from Colombia, Pedro Antonio de Sausa Saltao from Portugal, Monika Rikita from Kiribati, and Adi Makelesi Tikoivuda Vakaliwaliwa from the Fizi State. this will return to their respective countries in early August. Later in the country they will share their experiences while they are in Kutai Kartanegara.

Service Staff Training In Kutai Kartanegara Regency

The Provincial Tourism Office of East Kalimantan in collaboration with PHRI of East Kalimantan held a Hospitality Service Staff Training, which was held at the Hotel Grand Elty Tenggarong Throne, which lasted for two days and was followed by a hotel and hospitality service business in Kutai Kartanegara Regency.

 Because the quality of service has become one of the keys to success in competing in the service business world, especially in the hotel sector. Aside from being a competitive tool, service quality is also one of the factors that influence customer satisfaction. Hotels become one of the supporting facilities for the tourism sector in an area. Quality hotel services and according to standards will be an attraction for hotel visitors.

 As many as 40 participants from hotel owners and employees in the Tenggarong and surrounding areas participated in the seminar, which was immediately filled in by the head of the Kutai Kartanegara District Tourism Office. Dra. Sri Wahyuni. MPP. who was accompanied by Mr. Taupik as the moderator in the event. He conveyed about the growth of tourism in East Kalimantan, one of which is the contribution from Kutai Kartanegara, although Kutai Kartanegara does not yet have an airport, but the latest data mentioned the number of tourist visits to East Kalimantan, Kutai Kartanegara in particular ranked second after Balikpapan for the highest number of tourists.


 The archipelago tourists / foreign tourists and foreign tourists / tourists "They come to Kutai Kartanegara because of the attractiveness of tourism, then our challenge is how these tourists can stay overnight in Kutai Kartanegara. So that tourists and tourists can stay here need good service, how we attract people who don't come home right away, but they can survive and shop for souvenirs in Kutai Kartanegara.


Dra. Sri Wahyuni. MPP. added to hotel owners to be more able to develop their hotels by collaborating with PHRI, with hotel sponsors who can inform existing hotels in terms of price, facilities, hotel excellence, can be through Traveloka, Airy, or other travel agencies, or can also through online media Facebook, Intagram, and others.


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