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Ves Dance Describe The Old Sri Lanka KIngdom

Still in the TIFAF mat series which took place on the Tenggarong timbau basketball court, tonight the Delegation from Sri Lanka was present who will give their best appearance, and it is certain that they will also come from Indonesia with their inland dance.

 Starting with Sri Lanka, name of the Ranranga dance academy group, director Mr. Basnayake. Ranrange dance is an institution that is managed very well in Sri Lanka since 1994, this group has scored its students who are experts in mastering traditional and contemporary dance, this group also often sends students to more than 150 international festivals both at home and abroad. Especially the festival organized by international folk and cultural organizations.

 Dances performed: Ves Dance depicts the splendor of ancient Sri Lanka, male dancers who wear bright and colorful clothes to attract attention on stage. This male dancer performs dance moves with enthusiasm and fast, following the traditional drum. The second dance with the name of the dance Chamara Dance which means this dance using Chamara, an instrument used in the palace in ancient times. Followed by the third dance with the title of Raban Dance dance, namely one regional dance consisting of male and female dancers, basically this dance consists of two instruments, namely Ath Raban and Banku Raban, and the introduction will use Ath Raban.


 The Indonesian Delegation continued, represented by the Bangen Tawai Dance Studio, Sungai Bawang Cultural Village, using musical instruments such as gongs, sampeq, jatung debt, under the guidance of Norti and Heppy Apriliati. The arts perform a dance that tells about life in a village they live in a very harmonious and full of togetherness. One day some women came to a river, they were doing various activities every time there came two very brave men one of these men had evil intentions, without thinking this man was kidnapping one of the women who were in the river, with Immediately his friends also told the incident to the village youths, burning hot heart so that there was a fierce war. Then came this Udoq Kiba who performed a ritual to summon the deity Bungan malan who was the patron deity of the Dayak tribe in a lepok street.

 And in the end even this village became peaceful peace, they celebrated it with dances.

The Sufi Dance From Egypt

The atmosphere on the basketball court stage was very crowded both from the audience and from the dancers who were presenting their dances, accompanied by the sound of music that played the appearance of the Indonesian host delegation named Serapun from MAN 2 Kutai Kartanegara Students, danced Jepen 2 Dara. With the backlight support that is so enchanting, making the appearance of each delegation so mesmerizing these students dance Jepen dance that visualizes a pair of brothers and sisters in a family where there are lots of joys and sorrows, work together, have fun and sometimes even together with joy , and sometimes they also fight with each other over something.


 One of the shows that awaited the audience was the display of international TIFAF participants, and who appeared from the Egyptian State delegation who performed the nine types of dance, with the dance name Egypt's Sharkia Group. The first dance dances Sharkia wedding dance which is a dance heritage of the Sharkia rural community that is usually done when the wedding. The second dance of Al Hawaya is a show of the expertise of sharkia girls in using a cloth called Al Hawaya, which in ancient times was used by people to transport jars filled with water. El Ghawazy's third dance is a dance that depicts the lives of the majority Gypsy children. This dance is often performed by girls in a show in the city of sarkhia accompanied by a flute performer called Ghazulaty.

 The fourth dance with the title of the Stick Candles dance that shows the expertise of the girls in playing the candle stick game overhead. The fifth dance with the title of the Egyptian Dance Sticks which tells the dance of young women using a stick. The six dances of Al dahya dance depicting performances from the Bedouin tribe (Badawi) presented in the evening performance of the Bedouin men. The closing dance is a horse dance which tells the story of a famous Sharkia region with Arabian horses, this dance also illustrates the expertise of Sharkia men in riding and training horses.

 religious atmosphere is felt because every dance that brought Islamic nuances with the theme of praise to God and the Apostle.

Waweq Madang Dande And Teton Mountain Stomp Dance

For a week the people of Kutai Kartanegara and its surroundings can watch the art performances of the TIFAF participants, centered on two locations that have been prepared by the Kutai Kartanegara District Tourism Office, namely in the area of ​​the Malay Kelurahan Basketball Court and the Kukar Expo Rondong Demang arena. Performing arts performances, both local and foreign art which will surely amaze the audience who attended.


 On this night there will be art performances from the Indonesian Lantern, the Dutch Delegation, the Bengen Tawai Indonesia Art, the Sri Lankan delegation, and Russia. The first host of the Indonesian host performed the Dayak dance with the theme Waweq Madang, this dance tells about the lives of women in the interior of the Dayak continent. By using the distinctive variety of the Gantar dance symbol from the spirit of the tribal girls, their distinctive smile is a form of hospitality from the indigenous people of this tribe.

 The next appearance of the Dutch delegation, one of the dances, Cidy swing dance with the meaning of the dance is a combination of chariston and foxtrot accompanied by the song Goodbye sweetheart, the next dance is polka jenny lind which is a dance created by Jenny lind, a Swedish opera singer. He is a soprano performer in Swedish opera and is known throughout Europe. He is also a member of the royal Swedish music academy, which was first recorded in 1939.


 And the next dance that was performed by a delegation from the Netherlands, Teton Montain Stomp, came from the State of Wyoming, the United States which is surrounded by mountains. This dance was introduced in our area by American soldiers after the second world war.

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